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On Capitol Hill: snapshot of the consumer

A few weeks ago GOED had the opportunity to participate with one of our members, Wiley’s Finest, in a Senate health fair that took place “on the hill” in Washington DC. The event was organized by Sister to Sister, a wonderful non-profit organization whose mission is to educate women about protecting their hearts.  

Omega-3s in the military: ongoing research shows promise

Over the years there has been substantial interest in researching omega-3s and their health benefits for soldiers and veterans in a variety of scenarios. GOED recently talked to one organization, Samueli Institute, that is intimately involved in this work.


G'day mate: A look at the Australian market

Healthy Care productWe learned a lot about the omega-3 market in Australia, where the category enjoys high levels of awareness and usage. GOED consumer research shows that more than 60% of men and women in Australia consume omega-3s, whether in supplement, seafood or fortified food form, and we heard anecdotally that it’s closer to 75-80% for supplement consumers.

Guest Blog: Healthy heart education campaign crucial for Americans

GOED is pleased to include a guest blog from Linda Cornish, Executive Director of Seafood Nutrition Partnership, a GOED member with similar goals to increase seafood (and therefore omega-3) consumption in the U.S. Read on for details on an innovative messaging program Seafood Nutrition Partnership has developed.