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Guest Blog: Managing EPA/DHA consumption in a tight supply situation

GOED is pleased to present the following guest blog from Christian Meiniche, chairman of Chr. Holternmann ANS. Chr. Holtermann is an independent commodity brokerage house, based in Oslo, Norway, mainly brokering raw materials for the food- feed- and technical industries and with a particular focus on fish oils.


Omega-3s and prostate cancer risk

As many of you know, a study was published earlier this week linking omega-3s to an increased risk of prostate cancer. GOED has reviewed the study an prepared the analysis of the scientific inaccuracies and study design issues below. In addition, Adam Ismail wrote a more consumer-friendly blog column that was published this morning on Virgo's Omega-3 Insights page. We thought this would be useful for GOED members to share with concerned customers and consumers.

Dr. Jay Udani, SELECT investigator, comments on prostate cancer study

In GOED’s continuing response to the recent study linking omega-3s to prostate cancer risk, we recently interviewed Dr. Jay Udani, CEO and founder of Medicus Research, and an investigator on the original SELECT study upon which this paper was based. Dr. Udani shares his unique perspective and corroborates the many criticisms of the study. See what he had to say:

52 weeks of data: week 1

I was inspired by Max Roser, an economist who is sharing 100 charts to help you feel like the world is getting better. Those who know me know I love data visualization, so I decided to do something similar for the omega-3 world. I am not as ambitious as Max though, so instead you get 52 weeks of omega-3 visualizations this year and I am already two weeks behind! Regardless, for the first visualization, I developed an infographic with consumption statistics from the Global Burden of Diseases Nutrition and Chronic Diseases Group (NutriCoDE). They estimated EPA & DHA intakes for every country of the world as part of their work. 

1.4 million CHD deaths globally attributable to low omega-3 intakes

This is the second chart in my goal to create 52 visualizations on important omega-3 topics. Last week I used an infographic to tell the story of how EPA and DHA intakes vary from country-to-country. Since this is the first week of Heart Health month, I decided to use another infographic format to deliver one simple clear statistic around the impact of omega-3s and heart disease.

The impact of omega-3s in Europe

In the last two weeks of data visualizations I shared global data on intakes and the burden of coronary heart disease due to low omega-3 intakes, but these two data points taken together tell an important story. For the third installment of my 52 weeks of data project, I looked specifically at Europe and how intakes of EPA and DHA in each country differ and the corresponding death rates attributable to low omega-3 intakes. 

The real story of omega-3s in heart health

On March 31, The New York Times published an article titled, “Fading claims on fish oils.” The article suggests that the majority of clinical trials measuring effects of fish oil have found “no evidence that fish oil lowers risk for heart attack or stroke.” An important question the article did not address is, “What are the heart health benefits of fish oil?” Here is a more complete answer to that question. 

Guest Blog: Healthy heart education campaign crucial for Americans

GOED is pleased to include a guest blog from Linda Cornish, Executive Director of Seafood Nutrition Partnership, a GOED member with similar goals to increase seafood (and therefore omega-3) consumption in the U.S. Read on for details on an innovative messaging program Seafood Nutrition Partnership has developed.