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Proposition 65 Settlement Approved for Omega-3 Products

An agreement was approved and entered in the California Superior Court on February 1 around Proposition 65 issues for omega-3 products

GOED Organizes Nutracon Omega-3 Conference Track

Billed as a GOED Exchange Satellite Event, a full day conference track on omega-3s has been organized at Nutracon 2012 by GOED. The conference track, which takes place on Wednesday, March ...

Omega-3s Harmful?

Contrary to results from previous investigations...the present results suggest that a high-fat (>80%) enteral formula supplement with...EPA and DHA...does not benefit individuals with ALI. When ...

Reports that Fish Oil Reduces Chemotherapy Effectiveness are Premature

While the preclinical experiments reported in the present publication were well designed and executed, the potential applicability of the results to clinical chemotherapy is dependent upon the out ...

Omega-3 Heart Health Benefit Questioned

The headline “Study Clouds Picture on Omega-3s and Heart Health” carried by the news media couldn’t be further from the truth

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