SeaDragon Marine Oils

SeaDragon Marine Oils

SeaDragon extracts, refines and blends fish oil derived from deep sea shark, and shallow water shark livers. In addition we extract and process fish oils from Tuna, Hoki, Salmon and Krill.

SeaDragon is located in Nelson, the heart of the New Zealand fishing industry. SeaDragon is a manufacturer of high quality fish oils and has focused over 20 years experience and knowledge of fish processing skills into the extraction of valuable components from these oils. Squalene, AKG and the Omega-3 essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are examples of bioactive components valued by the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and functional food and beverage industries.

Our primary focus is the responsible manufacture and development of fish oils and oil fractions that meet the growing health needs of the population. SeaDragon has a range of high quality fish oils available. Attention to purity, safety and quality issues combined with timeliness, customer service and an open approach are critical aspects of our business.
SeaDragon obtains its raw materials from sustainably managed fishing zones, and uses byproduct that previously would have been commercially unusable.

Company Category

  • Refiner/Concentrator
  • Distributor/Trader
  • Contract Manufacturer

Product Source

  • Fish
  • Krill

Omega-3 Form

  • Ethyl Ester
  • Triglyceride
  • Phospholipid

Ingredient Form

  • Oil

Finished Product

  • Dietary Supplement